Unique Opportunities to Transform the Software EcoSystem

For the past week I’ve been attending meetings hosted by Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Division. The program managers, like our own Kevin Greene and his staff (shout out to Yolanda!), have planned a highly successful event that fostered meaningful connections. As the SWAMP’s outreach professional, I value human connections above all else, so was pleased that there was ample time allowed for networking.

I met some amazing individuals and teams who are working hard to make our world a safer place by creating security tools, software assurance tools, and  research in the field of human factors and identity management. As an American, I feel safer just knowing that this many smart people are on the problem!

I was also excited to talk about the SWAMP and our vision for the future when SWAMP becomes broadly adopted.  We are aiming high. We truly believe that with wide adoption, we will see better, safer software applications and better assurance tools. Even more, we believe that these more effective assurance tools will be critical to transforming our SwA ecosystem.

Some reports claim that $320 billion was lost last year due to software failures. Can we imagine a world where developers incorporate continuous assurance practices into their development lifecycle? If this happens, will we see critical vulnerabilities corrected before deployment? And if these are fixed, will we see a safer software ecosystem that is more resistant to malicious attacks?

by Karen Hitchcock


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