When Evolving Assurance Frameworks Meet Executive Will

SWAMP’s Chief Technology Officer, Miron Livny and Chief Scientist Barton Miller, recently stressed in a white paper that “The need for an open and flexible software assurance (SWA) framework has guided….the SWAMP.” The need for good and continuous software assurance assessments is underscored in a nice piece just published by TripWire. Although SWAMP does not endorse any particular company or solution, TripWire’s paper makes a persuasive plea for executives to pay close attention to organizational security and even ranked the top 20 security controls to watch.

I’m not surprised to see Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation as the 4th most important security control with an NSA rank of “very high.” Take a look at the report. Would love to hear what you think. On my end, I’m heartened to see these conversation happening at the executive level and imagine we’ll see much more of this in the near future!

by Karen Hitchcock, Outreach


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