We Support DHS Educational Efforts

Today, it was great to read about the next phase in the Department of Homeland Security’s program to develop future cyber leaders. They’ve begun accepting applications for their student initiative, The Security Honors Program (SHP), geared toward college students. At SWAMP, we’re focusing on creating an assurance resource for everyone to use – from the developer writing code in her basement to the corporate infrastructure manager who needs to vet software before implementation. But, this isn’t our only objective. We feel strongly that educating a new generation of responsible, informed coders will be the key to improved cyber security.

To this end, we began piloting SWAMP in a high school in Madison, Wisconsin. Reports show that these kids continue to use our beta assurance tool to assess their Java packages. Our message sunk in and the message was this: as a programmer, you have a responsibility to make sure that you take steps to decrease vulnerabilities in your code.  Watch the local news coverage of Dr. Pat Beyer’s talk to this class.

Beyond this, we’re building an outreach plan to reach more high school classes and college campuses around the country. This is an exciting time for young programmers and professionals — the security skills they develop now may impact the future of commerce, banking, and online privacy!


Have any questions about the SWAMP or want to bring it to a high school or university near you? Contact swamp@continuousassurance.org.


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