Post-IOC Planning: Pushing the SwA Agenda

Normally, “pushing an agenda” is seen in a negative light, but we’re proud to be pushing a software assurance “agenda.” What we mean, of course, is that we’re passionate about increasing awareness about the importance of software assurance in our digital world and making SwA tools more widely available to those who need them.

It's not too early to learn software assurance in middle and high school.

It’s not too early to learn software assurance in middle and high school.

Through our development and IOC preparations, we’ve had numerous conversations with developers, tool researchers, infrastructure operators and educators about the tools available for assurance. We’ve talked to government organizations, private companies and open source advocates and have received overwhelming support for our efforts. Our platform is freely available to anyone who is interested improving software quality/security.

We’re particularly excited about some conversations with college professors and high school instructors who would like to incorporate the SWAMP in their CS curriculum. We know that reaching and teaching our youth about quality coding will be critical in shaping our future digital world.

If you’re an educator and are interested in using the SWAMP in your class, we want to hear from you. Please contact Irene Landrum, who will help you get started. Whether you want to have your students use existing software packages to learn about vulnerability detection or upload their own, we can help make the process easy and quick.

Have other ideas? We’re open to suggestions. We’re here to help support the development and education community, so let us know how we can help.


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