What are the ingredients in your code?

What is behind the door?Keeping hackers at bay and minimizing coding exploits are two things that should be at the front of every programmer’s mind. Judy Newman talked with the Software Assurance Marketplace for an article appearing in this weekend’s Wisconsin State Journal, asking “What can be done to stop the attacks? …When the SWAMP peruses a program, it can provide some very specific vulnerability projections.”

One of the best analogies came from Miron Livny, director of the SWAMP and chief technology officer of the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.“When you open the door and let somebody into your house, you ask yourself how safe you feel when you let the people into your house. Do you ask the same question when you download an app onto your phone?” he asked. “When you buy a product in the grocery store, you look at the ingredients. How do you know the ingredients of … the software that you download?”

Read the rest of the article here.


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