SWAMP-in-a-Box Update 1.28.1

SWAMP-in-a-Box has been updated to version 1.28.1! The latest files are available on GitHub, or you can download the install files here. New

  • All platforms have been updated and will work without internet access as long as your package doesn’t require internet access to build.
  • All assessments will default to use the Ubuntu Linux version 16.04.
  • New installs of SWAMP-in-a-Box only come with 1 platform, allowing you to pick and choose additional platforms from our read-only server.
  • Ability to download assessment results in XML format for assessments that have finished successfully with at least one weakness reported.
  • Addition of the “Status.out and Debugging SWAMP Failures” document to assist with debugging failed assessment runs.
  • Addition of the OWASP Dependency Check assessment tool to assess Java Source and Java Bytecode packages.
  • Updates to the following assessment tools: Bandit, Clang Static Analyzer, and cppcheck.

Let us know if you have any questions at sib@continuousassurance.org.


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