SWAMP Plug-Ins for Eclipse, Git/SVN, Jenkins

Make sure you are taking advantage of everything the SWAMP has to offer! The SWAMP has created a variety of plug-ins to integrate into the software development lifecycle and to support continuous integration. The SWAMP’s plug-ins are open-source and can connect to the SWAMP site or to your own SWAMP-in-a-Box. Find them here: https://continuousassurance.org/plug-ins/.

  • Eclipse: The Eclipse plug-in allows Java and C/C++ Eclipse users to perform static code assessments in the SWAMP and view the results within the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • Git and Subversion: This script is a Git and Subversion hook. Any commit or push of a new version will upload that version of code in the SWAMP. Results are viewable from the SWAMP website.
  • Jenkins: The Jenkins plug-in allows projects using Jenkins to perform static code assessments in the SWAMP as part of a build. Results and trend data can be viewed on the SWAMP website or directly in Jenkins.


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