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You can now find the following updates on! New

  • Synopsys Static Analysis (Coverity) is now available for assessing C/C++ packages. You must request and receive permission to use this tool and agree to the EULA.
  • We removed from a number of workflows unnecessary pop up notifications affirming that the SWAMP has completed a requested action.
  • To accommodate packages with lengthy build parameters, we’ve increased the number of characters allowed for the Configuration and Build settings for new and existing Packages and Package Versions.
  • Project Ownership permission is no longer required to create and manage SWAMP projects.
  • The Run New Assessments page no longer displays the fields for Tool and Platform selection until you have selected a Package. Note that Platform selection is only available for C/C++ packages.
  • “Latest” is no longer an option for the Platform Version of a new assessment. Instead, the current most recent version is selected by default. When new Platform versions are made available, you will need to create new assessments specifically for those new versions.
  • You can now stop an assessment run in progress. The Assessment Status page displays a “Kill Assessment” button for assessments that are still in the HTCondor queue. The SWAMP removes the corresponding job from the Condor Queue, causing any VM to shut down. The status of the assessment is updated to “Terminated.” Note that it takes approximately 25 seconds for the termination process to complete.
  • Email notifications for completed assessments now correctly report their status as success or failed.
  • The Error Report page for assessments that have “finished with errors” now includes a link to the “Status.out and Debugging SWAMP Failures FAQ” documentation providing information for interpreting assessment errors.
  • Assessments using Android Lint are now displayed in the Native viewer.
  • We added new versions and/or updates for the following assessment tools: Checkstyle, error-prone, PMD, Findbugs, XML lint.
  • The CentOS 5.11 and Scientific Linux 5.11 platforms are no longer supported.
  • SWAMP-in-a-Box v1.31 is available.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes.

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