SWAMP SCMS Plug-In Update

The SWAMP’s plug-in for SCMS (source control management systems) was updated recently. The 1.3 release makes the plug-in easier to use and increases stability and correctness. The 1.3.3 version contains bug fixes. Noteworthy changes are listed below. More information about our plug-ins (https://continuousassurance.org/plug-ins/) can be found on our website.

SCMS plug-in versions 1.3 and 1.3.3:

  1. Added complete verification of the entire plug-in configuration through enhancement of the –verify option. Always run the uploader with –verify after making configuration changes to verify that everything is correct. If it can’t pass –verify, the configuration will not work.
  2. Support for newer SWAMPs with os-ver-bits platform names.
  3. Java used by the plug-in can be configured in the plug-in config file; this allows development with java which is not compatible with the swamp-cli used by the SCMS plug-in.
  4. Added update capabilities to the installer to update current and already installed plug-ins to a newer version. Any changed “config” files will be installed with a “.instnew” extension so it is easy to manually diff and configure existing config files.
  5. Installer updated to allow login and querying of information from a SWAMP to assist in configuring the plug-in.
  6. Extensive notes and examples added to the default configuration file.
  7. Global config and credential files are no longer installed by default unless the –global option is added.
  8. New swamp-java-cli 1.3.3 added to plug-in.
  9. RELEASE_NOTES.md updated.
  10. General enhancements and bug fixes.


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