SWAMP-in-a-Box v1.33.4 Compatibility Issue

SWAMP-in-a-Box version 1.33.4 and previous versions are not compatible with the latest version of guestfish (libguestfs 1.38.2), which is included in CentOS 7.6.

Specifically, assessments will not run and results cannot be viewed in Code Dx. When running an assessment, the status “htcondor submit aborted – uuid queued” or “failed to launch” is displayed on the Assessment Results page. When attempting to view results in Code Dx, “Unable to Start VM” is displayed on the Preparing Results page.

Performing a ‘yum update’ on an existing SWAMP-in-a-Box installation on CentOS 7 will install guestfish 1.38.2. Likewise, running the ‘install-all.bash’ script to install required dependencies for a new SWAMP-in-a-Box installation on CentOS 7 will install guestfish 1.38.2.


To determine which version of guestfish is installed, run the following command:
# guestfish –version


To downgrade to a version of guestfish that is compatible with SWAMP-in-a-Box version 1.34.4, do the following:

1. Download these files and move them to your SWAMP-in-a-Box:


2. ‘cd’ to the directory containing the files downloaded above

3. Downgrade the guestfish packages to 1.36.10 (may require ‘sudo’)
# yum downgrade ./libguestfs* ./perl-Sys-Guestfs*

4. Update permission on the platforms directory (may require ‘sudo’)
# chmod 755 /swamp/platforms/images


This issue does not affect a SWAMP-in-a-Box install on CentOS 6. The version of guestfish available for CentOS 6.10 is currently version 1.20.11.

Let us know if you have any questions at support@continuousassurance.org.


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