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The following updates are now available for mir-swamp.org and SWAMP-in-a-Box. The latest SWAMP-in-a-Box version 1.35 files can be obtained from the download server or from GitHub.

This will be the last major, new development release until further notice.

Noteworthy changes include:

  • We have improved the Error Report available for assessments that finish with errors. Additionally, the Error Report now includes a link to the new help document, “SWAMP Output and Debugging” (formally known as “Status.out and Debugging SWAMP Failures”). This document is also available from the Help page in both PDF and HTML formats.
  • SWAMP now indicates when an assessment is successful but one or more of the code files for a C/C++ or Java No Build package is not able to be compiled and assessed.
  • SWAMP now warns when an assessment appears successful but there were no applicable code files to assess.
  • New VM master images are available for the Debian (7.11 and 8.11) platforms. These images include a fix that allows packages with specified OS dependencies to download those dependencies prior to build and assessment.
  • The version of OWASP Dependency Check previously available in SWAMP is no longer supported and has been removed from the SWAMP list of tools.
    • Note: Because OWASP Dependency Check was the only SWAMP tool available to assess Android .apk packages, the Android .apk package type has been disabled.
  • General enhancements and bug fixes

Changes specific to SWAMP-in-a-Box include:

  • Docker Containers can now be used instead of (or in addition to) Virtual Machine (VM) images for running assessments.
  • SWAMP-in-a-Box can itself run in a Virtual Machine environment (such as AWS) without the need to have nested virtualization enabled by using Docker containers in place of VMs.
    • Note: Use of the Code Dx result viewer with SWAMP-in-a-Box still requires a Virtual Machine and therefore nested virtualization.
  • SWAMP-in-a-Box is no longer initially deployed with any assessment platforms. Adding at least one platform is now an additional required step.
  • Supported VM platforms previously installed with or added to SWAMP-in-a-Box installations will still be available after an upgrade to SWAMP-in-a-Box 1.35. However, depending on what version of SWAMP-in-a-Box you are upgrading from, it is possible that your SWAMP-in-a-Box will not have any platforms available after upgrading to 1.35. Please refer to the SWAMP-in-a-Box Administrator Manual for information about adding platforms. VM or Docker images for platforms can be downloaded from here.
  • SWAMP-in-a-Box now requires that the .war file for Code Dx be embedded in the VM master images used for Code Dx viewers. This improves the time it takes to initially run a viewer VM and start Code Dx for a given SWAMP project. If you have added Code Dx as a viewer for a SWAMP-in-a-Box installation, you will need to download a new viewer VM master image that corresponds with your version of Code Dx and then re-add Code Dx as a SWAMP-in-a-Box add-on. VM master images for use with Code Dx can be downloaded from our download server. Please refer to the SWAMP-in-a-Box Administrator Manual for information on adding Code Dx to a SWAMP-in-a-Box.
  • If you have added OWASP Dependency Check as an add-on tool for SWAMP-in-a-Box it will be removed when you upgrade to SWAMP-in-a-Box 1.35.

Let us know if you have any questions at support@continuousassurance.org


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