Platform Selection

List of Platforms Available in the SWAMP


The SWAMP strives to support as large of a subset of the open-source software community as possible. Ultimately, the platforms/operating systems available in the SWAMP will be driven by customer demand. We are not only open, but we also encourage feedback on the platforms that will best meet your needs.

Our platform selection process uses the following guidelines:

  • Support at least one 32-bit version of an operating system (OS).
  • Support a current plus previous version of at least one OS.
  • Support the most widely used versions of mainstream OS.
  • Provide a balance between depth (multiple versions and architectures of a given OS) and breadth (supporting as many distributions as possible).

Platform guidance has come from the following sources:

  • Input from prospective customers: For example the HTCondor Project, Department of Homeland Security, other DHS-sponsored grant and SBIR performers, National Institutes for Standards and Technology (NIST), and the Open Science Grid.
  • Previous experience in maintaining production software distributions: From both the HTCondor and Paradyn/Dyninst projects, we distribute production quality software to wide user communities.
  • Input from SWAMP users

Our roadmap of future development includes support for the Mac OSX, iOS, and Windows platforms. In addition to supporting new platforms, we expect to add more versions and architectures of each platform we support, for example, additional Linux versions. We will update the list of supported platforms according to each vendor’s software update program and schedule.