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What can high schoolers tell us about the SWAMP?

Well, we’re about to find out! I’m happy to report that initial beta testing is going quite well. SWAMP is up and running, allowing users to experiment with assessment runs on packages and tools, such as FindBugs and PMD and more. Users can also upload their own Java packages and schedule assessment runs using four open source tools to discover vulnerabilities, from the moderate to the severe.

One of the objectives held by the Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate is to improve software security and assurance testing education for future generations. To this end, SWAMP has engaged Madison, Wisconsin’s West High School’s Computer Science classes to help us beta test the SWAMP. Next week, we’ll introduce the concept of beta testing and package assessments to these young students. Kudos to their teacher for bringing a real world scenario into the classroom!

Stay tuned for updates about our collaboration with these high schoolers!